Technology platform

One of the world’s leading microbio-technology platform in the field of dark biodiversity

Unearth the potential of microbial biodiversity is a big technological challenge that requires cutting-edge expertise and a lot of interdisciplinarity. The company has developed one of the world’s leading microbiotechnology platform in the field of microbial dark matter. Like the synergistic play between microorganisms, this platform integrates omics technologies, synthetic biology and data science into microbial ecology, fermentation and bioprocess engineering, Thanks to this systemic approach, DEINOVE has already brought out numerous proprietary technologies, a unique collection of strains, bacterial extracts and chassis as well as several development programs. 

Biodiversity farming

Unearthing, taming and preserving the hidden species

Activity testing

Extracting new activities from complexity

Advanced analytics

Identifying and characterizing the source

Synthetic biology

Engineering metabolic pathways and bacterial chassis

Data Science

Extracting the best of data

Fermentation engineering

Taming the unkown, optimizing yields

Bioprocess engineering

Industrialing processes