Screening for new activity

Extract new antimicrobial activities

During the golden age of antibiotics, the pharmaceutical industry has screened tens of millions of microorganisms and identified most of the secondary metabolites we know today. Since then, they have continued to explore the "visible microbial spectrum" by combining traditional approaches (based on the morphological, biochemical and physiological features of micro-organisms) with multiple advances in biotechnology (genomics, combinatorial chemistry and high-throughput screening). These techniques have nevertheless reached their limits since only 3 new classes of antibiotics have emerged from this biodiversity. Fortunately, we now know that we have only identified a tiny fraction of the "parvome" (the set of small molecules produced by living organisms) and the hidden biological activities it contains. Some of these new activities are produced by novel bacterial strains, while others are detected under certain culture conditions. To increase the chances of detecting and isolating them, DEINOVE implements hypersensitive bioassays-guided screening strategies combined with new cultivation and extraction techniques.


Technologies at work

Plateformes DEINOVE step2

Biodiversity farming

Produce small culture media from DEINOVE’s strain collection.

Activity testing

Design & develop a portfolio of highly sensitive bioassays and identify, document & prioritize the active microbial extracts.

Advanced analytics

Characterize the chemical composition of complex microbial extracts.

Data Science

Guarantee microbial extracts traceability.

Bioprocess engineering

Extract and purify the culture media using original and automatized methodologies.