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Extracting value from dark biodiversity: a 6-step process

Recent advances in genomic sequencing and cultivation technologies have revealed the existence of a microbial dark matter but to date this new “domain of life” is largely unexplored and much less exploited. To extract value from this hidden biodiversity, DEINOVE has implemented a 6-step R&D process that covers from microbiological investigations to the clinical proof of concept of antimicrobial candidates. At each step, the company mobilizes all or part of its technological units and its world-class network of academic and industrial partners.

R&D steps animation   Technological platforms

Extracting microbial biodiversity

Reveal, tame and safeguard the hidden micro-organisms

Screening for new activity

Extract new antimicrobial activities

Active compound identification & characterization

From the complex bacterial extract to the active molecule

Preindustrial production of the drug candidate

Optimizing the synthesis of rare, low-concentrated and complex chemical compounds

Preclinical and clinical development

Transferring the best of biodiversity from lab to patient’s bedside