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Extracting microbial biodiversity | Deinove

Extracting microbial biodiversity

Reveal, tame and safeguard the hidden micro-organisms

Microbes are the oldest and most abundant forms of life on Earth but among the trillion of different microbial species most are “dark matter”(approximately 99%).  Because many of them either live in hard-to-reach places, such as deserts or boiling acid springs, or are difficult to grow in a laboratory or are not cultivable at all, these microorganisms have not been isolated, studied and even less exploited. To discover, tame and preserve this unlimited source of new metabolites, DEINOVE combines environmental sampling and next generation biobanking with advanced cultivation technologies and genetic surveys.

Technologies at work

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Biodiversity farming

Collect samples in conducive natural environments to discover, identify and isolate new bacterial species, store and preserve all components of this biodiversity (whole cells, bacterial extracts, nucleic acids, proteins and metabolites).

Synthetic biology

Extract and sequence the population of bacteria and the individual strains and identify their metabolic potential.

Data Science

Determine the microbial diversity of each environmental sample and identify the new bacteria in this ecosystem. Guarantee the traceability of samples, strains and bacterial extract and the quality of associated data and biobank management system.

Fermentation engineering

Develop and implement new cultivation technologies to recover previously uncultured or slow-growing bacteria and improve their metabolic capabilities.