Partnering in new antimicrobials

Accelerating the R&D of next generation antimicrobials

The fight against antimicrobial resistance requires a strong commitment from all stakeholders: academics, biotechnology companies, global industry leaders, healthcare foundations, governments, and public health organizations. DEINOVE actively participates in this dynamic by establishing partnerships at all stages of its R&D process with leaders in basic science clinical research and industry. AGIR, its exploratory research program for new antibiotics, has also been supported since 2017 by the French government through its “Investissements d'Avenir” program (€14.6m over 5 years for a total of €25m). DEINOVE also contributes to the evolution of the European R&D framework for new antimicrobials with other members of the BEAM alliance (Biopharmaceutical companies from Europe innovating in Anti-Microbial resistance research).

Our academic and clinical partners

Charles Violette
MD Anderson Cancer Center
Snake River Research
Southern Star Research Institute
Technical University of Berlin
Temple University Hospital
University of California Davis Medical Center
University of Utah
Université de Lille


Our industry partners

Beam Alliance





Our institutional support

Investissements d'avenir
L'Europe s'engage en Occitanie
Région Occitanie
clubster santé

Partnering opportunities