Partnering beyond antimicrobials

Extracting the metabolic potential of dark biodiversity

In parallel with its in-house R&D programs in the field of antimicrobials, DEINOVE enables other industrials to benefit from its scientific and technological approach based on the exploitation of microbial dark matter. In this framework, the company conducts R&D programs with leaders in health, cosmetics and nutrition. Thus, DEINOVE contributes to the discovery of new biological activities within bacterial extracts of its own collection, identifies and characterizes the compounds responsible for these activities and optimizes the production of these new molecules or active ingredients already identified by the industrial partners. These partnerships have already led to the discovery, development and marketing of several innovative active ingredients, including a colorless carotenoid, a neurosporene  concentrate and a Sphingomonas hydrophobicum extract. These 3 compounds are currently produced by 2 micro-factories derived from extremophilic bacteria engineered by DEINOVE: Deinococcus geothermalis and Sphingomonas hydrophobicum.

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