• Four directors of international standing and experts in pharmaceutical industry and antibiotics join the Board of Directors: Bernard Fanget, Prof. Vincent Jarlier, Dr. Yannick Plétan and Dr. Charles Woler.

  • Charles Woler was appointed Chairman of the Board while Philippe Pouletty, Michael Carlos and Christian Pierret remain members of the Board.

DEINOVE (Alternext Paris: ALDEI), a biotech company that discovers, develops and produces high-value compounds from rare bacteria, notably from the Deinococcus genus, announces changes in its Board of Directors in line with the strategic decision announced on September 29, 2016 to focus its activities in the fields of health, nutrition, cosmetics, and especially on antibiotics and carotenoids. This decision had led on 5 January to the contribution in kind of DEINOBIOTICS shares to DEINOVE, which now holds 100% of its subsidiary.

At their meeting of January 20, 2017, the Board of Directors appointed Dr. Charles Woler, Bernard Fanget, Prof. Vincent Jarlier and Dr. Yannick Plétan following the resignation of Paul-Joël Derian, Dennis McGrew, Rodney Rothstein, and Nabil Sakkab to whom it expressed its thanks for their contribution to the Company. The four nominations will be submitted for ratification by the Annual General Meeting of May 16, 2017. Philippe Pouletty, Christian Pierret (representing Truffle Capital) and Michael Carlos (former chairman of the Fragrance Division of Givaudan) remain directors for the remainder of their respective terms. On a proposal from Philippe Pouletty, Charles Woler was appointed as the new Chairman of the Board.

This new governance brings DEINOVE invaluable medical, pharmaceutical and managerial resources and more specifically, expertise in drug development, including antibiotics. Microbial resistance is a global problem, as pointed out by the declaration of the UN and WHO on September 21 on the need for new antibiotics1.

Philippe Pouletty commented: "DEINOVE enters a promising new phase and the recomposition of the Board allows DEINOVE to access world-class managerial, pharmaceutical and medical skills to move towards the next stages of development of high added-value products. I am delighted that Professor Jarlier, antibiotics specialist, Dr. Plétan and Bernard Fanget, highly experienced in the development of innovative drugs, and Charles Woler have joined us. Charles has the international experience and energy for effective chairmanship of the new Board. I warmly thank the former Board members with whom we planned the strategic refocusing of DEINOVE and its new corporate governance".

Charles Woler, new Chairman of DEINOVE, stated: "Finding new classes of antibiotics is a major public health concern and DEINOVE has the potential to become a world class company in this field. It is with great pleasure that I accompany Emmanuel Petiot and his teams in accelerating their development and exploiting their breakthrough technologies."

(1)   http://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/releases/2016/commitment-antimicrobial-resistance/