• DEINOVE has entered into a significant collaboration with Processium, a company specialized in process design, for the production of carotenoid batches at an industrial scale and in their end-use form.
  • DEINOVE, assisted by Processium, will choose subcontractors to produce ingredients for the healthcare, nutrition and cosmetics markets.

DEINOVE (Alternext Paris: ALDEI), a biotech company that discovers, develops and produces high-value compounds from rare bacteria, notably from the Deinococcus genus, announces that it has chosen Processium, an expert in industrial process engineering, to develop carotenoid separation/purification techniques at an industrial scale and to transpose the production process from the laboratory to industry. DEINOVE plans to market the carotenoids produced directly to the healthcare, nutrition and cosmetics industrials. This business is expected to start generating revenue in 2018.

In 2016, DEINOVE obtained proof of concept for the production of carotenoid molecules from optimized Deinococcus strains:

  • 5 conventional molecules with known applications and identified markets;
  • 1 new molecule, Deinoxanthin, which must undergo characterization tests and a regulatory clearance before it can be marketed.

One of DEINOVE’s strategic goals is to market carotenoids in the form of ingredients directly to the industrials of its target markets. DEINOVE does not have plans to develop its own manufacturing facilities, but will subcontract production, including the large-scale fermentation, extraction, purification and formulation stages.

DEINOVE therefore chose Processium, an industrial process engineering firm headquartered in Lyon that works in the chemistry and biotech fields. The experts at Processium will have two major missions with DEINOVE:

  • developing and validating an industrial process for extracting carotenoids from the fermentation medium to obtain a marketable product;
  • identifying and selecting subcontractors who can start production quickly.

“With the benefits of Processium’s technical expertise and geographical proximity, DEINOVE is moving forward in its ambition to quickly market its first carotenoids, which should start generating revenue in 2018. Like us, Processium works in the chemistry, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics fields and we share the same values and challenges – saving time so we can get our first products to market quickly and optimizing our carotenoid production units in terms of economic and environmental performances,” said Emmanuel PETIOT, CEO of DEINOVE.

Pascal ROUSSEAUX, CEO of Processium, added, “We are delighted to work with DEINOVE and to contribute to speeding up their Carotenoid project. DEINOVE’s key expertise in the fermentation, whereas ours comes into play after the fermentation step, when it comes to separate and purify the compound to be sold. DEINOVE has reached a milestone, now developing an industrial process based on the production process designed and optimized in the laboratory.”