• Six pre-selected strains are in the testing phase to validate the final choice of the active ingredient to be marketed in 2018.
  • Technology transfer to Greentech is underway.


DEINOVE (Euronext Growth Paris: ALDEI), a biotech company that discovers, develops, and produces high-value compounds from rare bacteria, notably from the Deinococcus genus, reached a milestone in the R&D program initiated with GREENTECH in March 2017* to develop and market innovative cosmetic active ingredients.

At the end of Phase I, GREENTECH, a major player in the production and distribution of biotechnology-derived ingredients, selected six bacterial extracts with high potential, based on the results of in vitro tests conducted initially by DEINOVE.

DEINOVE then engaged the production of these six raw materials for testing in order to select the extract that will be marketed. The company is working in parallel on the optimization of fermentation performances for industrial production.

A process book will be provided to GREENTECH who will implement the production in their own units. The technology transfer step was initiated in order for GREENTECH to evaluate the activity of the strains subjected to different operating protocols.

GREENTECH plans to launch a first active ingredient co-developed with DEINOVE in the spring of 2018.

Jean-Yves Berthon, CEO of GREENTECH, said: "We are already preparing the commercial launch of this new natural active ingredient that will complement our portfolio of active ingredients to protect and beautify the skin. The spirit of innovation of each of our companies is anchored perfectly in the needs of the cosmetic market."

Emmanuel PETIOT, CEO of DEINOVE added: "Our teams have been able to identify bacterial extracts that meet GREENTECH's criteria within a very short period of time. We have been able to meet this challenge thanks to the richness of our strain bank and the expertise acquired over the last few years on the selection and optimization of strains producing compounds of interest to the industry."


*See press release of March 27, 2017