• In just a short time, the DEINOCHEM program has obtained highly promising results in the effective production of several key molecules.

  • This performance is the result of the successful combination of DEINOVE know-how and a GENOPLANTE-VALOR patent.

  • Consequently, DEINOVE has decided to exercise the option granted in November 2013 and acquire an exclusive license for improving isoprenoid biosynthesis pathways.


DEINOVE (Alternext Paris: ALDEI), a cleantech company that designs and develops a new generation of industrial processes based on Deinococcus bacteria, has announced that the highly satisfactory results obtained by adding GENOPLANTE-VALOR’s patented technology to its proprietary technologies has led the company to confirm its acquisition of an exclusive operating license for the exploitation of this patent from GENOPLANTE-VALOR, through INRA TRANSFERT, the INRA (French National Institute for Agricultural Research) subsidiary responsible for valorizing innovations. This intellectual property was generated under an ANR (French National Research Agency) research program labelled “Genoplante” and covers the results obtained by INRA researchers.

In their own laboratory, DEINOVE’s researchers have managed to produce significant concentrations of three molecules of industrial interest from the isoprenoid pathway. They were obtained from a Deinococcus geothermalis strain integrating the DXS key enzyme optimized with GENOPLANTE-VALOR technology, which has substantially improved the production of these compounds by the bacterium.
DEINOVE has therefore decided to exercise the option granted in November 2013 and to acquire an exclusive operating license for the patent, until the patent expires.

These results enable DEINOVE to confirm the convincing startup of the DEINOCHEM program. The early and effective production of these molecules underscores both the value of the GENOPLANTE-VALOR technology, and the power of the DEINOVE platform, backed up by the experience consolidated in recent years.

These bioproducts obtained with the Deinococcus bacteria are high-added-value industrial compounds, providing applications in cosmetics and food industry. Others can be used in the fragrance industry and in other everyday products, such as detergents, home and personal care products.

To date, these molecules have mainly been derived from oil or plant extracts, with low yield and high production cost.
This progress constitutes a major proof of concept, opening the way for the production of many chemical intermediates and speciality molecules. This represents a potential of several hundred million euros in turnover. Some of these compounds can be sold for up to 3,000 euros a kilo.

With this exclusive license, we have significantly consolidated the progress made in the DEINOCHEM program, on which we continue to focus our efforts,” said Emmanuel Petiot, CEO of DEINOVE. “We must continue along these lines and make significant investments to meet the economic and technological challenges of the post-oil world. To do this, we benefit from government support and the backing of our founding shareholder, Truffle Capital, and we are considering, as announced on June 3rd, raising funds to finance, amongst others, this new crucial phase of our development.

Jean-François Rous, Chairman of GENOPLANTE-VALOR, said, “This licensing agreement is a real opportunity to industrially showcase the excellence of French academic research and to forge contacts with a French SME whose technology is highly promising and can be rapidly produced industrially. It also demonstrates the potential for promoting work carried out in the plant biotechnology context in other fields such as industrial biotechnologies.