Meet our team

Working at Deinove means joining an innovative, stimulating scientific environment and belonging to a company on a human scale. Our multidisciplinary teams have the opportunity to work on varied projects and to develop new skills, both scientific and managerial.

We are constantly investing in the quality of our scientific equipment and in training for our teams so as to be able to provide concrete answers to major societal challenges such as the discovery of new antibiotics. 


A few testimonials from our team members

Brayan, Engineer – Downstream processing

« What I like about Deinove is the dynamic teams and the wealth of projects. It's important to work on a variety of topics in a pleasant environment. »

Manon, Engineer – Molecular biology 

« We have installed and optimized a dedicated, state-of-the-art automated platform so we can take advantage of our Molecular Biology team's knowledge more quickly and efficiently. I'm really lucky to work with this kind of equipment. »


Marine, Engineer – Bioinformatics

« I'm happy to have joined the bioinformatics team at Deinove. I'm working on a variety of exciting projects in genomics using data from the latest high-throughput sequencing technologies. »

Gaëtan, Technician – Fermentation

« Since I came to Deinove, I have worked on concrete projects with short- and medium-term prospects. I like being able to change projects regularly and to see our work come to fruition. »


Guillaume, Head of bioinformatics

« What I like about Deinove is the freedom we have to pursue our research work with the support of state-of-the-art technologies and varied expertise. »


Aurélie, Technician – Biodiversity

« Working at Deinove means working on a multitude of different bacterial species. It also means understanding and foreseeing each strain's behavior while constantly responding and adapting to the demands of different projects in a flexible, independent way. »